About Us
At Chatham Friends, We Believe

...that true religion involves an immediate, inward, personal encounter with God - that this, rather than ritual and ceremony, is what we must experience to obtain salvation.
...that each individual has worth, dignity, freedom and responsibility before God. (John 1:9)
that worship is a personal, positive act of seeking, rather than a performance – that communion is an inner spiritual experience rather than an outward observance.
...that moral purity, integrity, honesty, simplicity and humility are essential to the Christian life.
...In Christian love and good will as a way of life which makes hatred and violence impossible.
...that Christ-like love and concern for suffering and unfortunate people must find expression in humanitarian service and social justice.
...in the continuing revelation of the Holy Spirit of God who grants us new openings, insights and revelation of spiritual truth.
What to Expect at Chatham Friends

A simple and Meaningful worship:
We are light on ritual. We blend the singing of hymns, prayer, and preaching in a way that combines good order and flexibility to make room for God to be present as our Leader.
A Time of Open Worship:
This is a traditional emphasis among Friends. Each Sunday, a portion of the service is set aside for a quiet waiting on God to speak to the inner being of each worshiper. During this time, worshipers may remain in silent meditation or may share a vocal prayer or message as they feel led by God.
A Message:
Our pastor shares a thoughtfully prepared message to encourage and aid in spiritual growth. Through the year, effort is made to cover a variety of topics and learn from both the Old and New Testaments.
We take seriously God’s charge that we should become a caring community of believers.